Background Check Policy/Procedure

Department:  Human Resources


In order to keep the company and our clients’ best interests in mind, it is imperative to establish guidelines for investigating our candidates’ backgrounds as part of our on-boarding process. This enables us to gain insight into the candidate to ensure we partner with reliable independent consultants, to verify candidates’ information for truthfulness and accuracy, and to screen candidates convicted of serious criminal behavior.

These checks are essential, as our independent consultants have access to sensitive and confidential information. The background check policy may also apply to internal candidates who are being considered for a promotion/transfer.


Background Investigation Release (Authorization) Form, Background Check Report



We aim for a transparent partnering process that respects candidates’ rights. We are committed to all existing Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC) legislation, as well as to all local and state nondiscrimination laws. We are also committed to being compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Background checks are administered for all employees and independent consultants and include criminal record checks and social security traces. Drug screening may also be completed (if required by client). Background checks are essential, as our employees and independent consultants have access to sensitive and confidential information.

Prospective hires/partners receive the pre-employment background check release form, which includes the disclosure statement and authorization form, the summary of rights under the FCRA, and list of agency contacts to obtain more information if needed.

Individuals/employees with felony convictions or misdemeanors involving financial crimes, fraud, or theft will not be considered independent consultancy and/or employment.




Candidates are informed that a background check is required for employment


Candidates receive the background investigation release form


If candidates refuse/fail to provide written consent, they will not be considered for the position


Completed and signed form from candidate is provided to Human Resources


Background check is processed, and reports are compiled from FCRA-compliant data providers


Results of background check are reviewed after receipt of report


If candidate successfully passes the background check, he/she may become a partner


If candidate does not pass the background check, Operations is informed that the candidate did not pass the background check requirements; and therefore, cannot be partnered with. Human Resources advises candidate of the adverse action and provides candidate with information that is needed to dispute the report


Background Check Report (regardless of whether the applicant was partnered with) is kept on file in the Human Resources office



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