Welcome to AARS! Over the next few days you will be asked to perform a handful of tasks in order to move you on to our on-boarding process. Here is what you can expect:


On-boarding Process, Introduction & Compliance Testing

As an AARS “Branchise” you will have some requirements that will need to be met.  This questionnaire will help us determine whether you are a good candidate for the contract.

The initial screening questionnaire will determine the viability of any business relationship you may wish to build with AARS. This questionnaire can be retaken should you decide to amend any answers that may have disqualified your application.

Finally, you will read through our study material and take 3 tests. The first test covers An Introduction to AARS. The second test covers Compliance, and the third and final test covers Federal Regulations. Please complete all questionnaires and tests and then proceed to: #2 – Your Interview.




Your Interview

Consider this your first look into what you can expect in your interview. Our Human Resource department wants to know more about you. Why do you want to work with AARS? Why should we hire/partner with you? Strengths? Weaknesses? It’s also a great time for you to get to know us. So take this time to ask all the questions you want. Please call Human Resources at 833-467-0088 to finalize your first interview.


Virtual Office Documents

As a virtual office, you will be running your own business.  Included in this section you will find all the necessary agreements needed to own a “Branchise.”  Please make sure you read all pages included in this segment.  Once you have read all contracts and you understand the scope of each document.

Criminal Background Check

After reading the policy agreement, fill out and sign the authorization form.  Finally click on “Buy Now” button to order your Criminal Background Check.


Virtual Office Setup

Part of having your own virtual office requires some tools. Here is a list of tools that are required in order to get you started:

  1. Home computer or laptop
  2. Microsoft Operating System
  3. Telephone headset that you can plug into your computer
  4. CRM and Telephony software.  Please go to the BluChip website to order your software package
  5. Dedicated office area in your home with no background noise


Good luck!


Start your Branchise

You are now ready to win! Sign in daily and build your business. Hours of Operations are 8am11pm EST. 

Good luck!